Tips To Prevent Water Leaks While Not At Home

An uncontrolled water leak can do a lot of damage, not only to your own home but to that of your neighbors. The bathroom, kitchen, and patio pipes are usually the most vulnerable to these damages, so you should be aware of the following signs, to detect possible damage and repair them in time.

Whenever it concerns our pipes, any detail or sign of a water leak must be taken care of quickly, without skimping on precautions to avoid domestic accidents that can cause irreparable damage. Although you have the backing of your home insurance, water leaks or leaks are one of the most common household accidents. They can also be aggravated if they are not controlled in time and can lead to a violent break (a pipe that does not stop water) or progressive (a defective pipe that lets small amounts of water escape daily). Even if you have no visible damage or have not had to repair your home’s pipes in the past, there are preventive measures you can take to avoid taking any risks.

Check that the drains in your house do not have any obstructions, especially if you travel for a long period of time. When we have pets, or we are in winter, the fluff is usually the order of the day, and if we do not remove them, they can accumulate and cause obstructions easily. To avoid them, you can use filters in the sinks of the bathroom and the kitchen, so that the water has free drainage routes in case of a possible leak.

There are several leak detectors on the market that you can install. Using WiFi and a mobile application that you can control from your phone warns you if it detects any damage, allowing you to repair it before it becomes a real problem. Although this is a long-term measure, it is well worth considering, because not only water leaks can cause very expensive repairs in our home: a damaged pipe can progressively filter the water through the walls and floor, causing stains and damage in the structure that a detector like these could avoid you.

Long-Term Preventive Measures

  • Dripping faucets or a cistern that loses water too quickly are signs that there is a water leak that needs repair.
  • Do not use abrasive substances to clean your kitchen or bathroom because they can cause wear on the pipes.
  • Do not use the toilet as a wastebasket. The toilet drainage system can dilute toilet paper, but if we also throw hair, lint, or any other type of waste, it will most likely clog and cause problems.

Other General Tips

Before going on a trip, close the stopcock of your house unless you have an automatic irrigation system. Closing them will be the infallible guarantee that you will not find a flooded house on your return. Refining attention to these details can make a difference and save you a lot of headaches in the future.